Sustainability in Every Sip:
A Promise to Mother Earth

At Postum, we take our role as stewards of the environment seriously. Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from the clean ingredients we select to the packaging we use. Here's how we're making a positive impact

Clean Ingredients

Responsible Sourcing: We believe that every sip should reflect our dedication to the planet. That's why we carefully choose only clean, natural ingredients for our blends. Our roasted wheat bran, wheat, and molasses come from responsible sources, minimizing our ecological footprint while delivering that delightful, familiar taste you cherish.

Thoughtfully Crafted Recipes

Our dedication to sustainability extends to our time-honored recipes. By maintaining our original 1895 formula, we honor tradition while embracing a more environmentally conscious approach to crafting wholesome beverages. Every cup of Postum is a testament to our commitment to both your well-being and the planet.

Packaging with Purpose

We're proud to say that our packaging is 100% recyclable. From our eco-friendly boxes to our recyclable canisters, every aspect of our packaging is designed with the environment in mind. By choosing Postum, you're making a choice that minimizes waste and promotes responsible consumption.

A Greener Future

Our journey towards sustainability doesn't stop here. We are continually seeking innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, improve our sourcing practices, and further enhance our packaging to meet the highest eco-friendly standards.