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Postum is Worry-free

Three simple, natural ingredients can put your mind at ease. Roasted wheat bran, wheat, and molasses are all we need to make a delicious coffee replacement. No preservatives, no caffeine, no GMOs. Relax with a cup of Postum any time of the day.

A Rich Tradition since 1895

For over 100 years, Postum has been a mainstay in American cupboards. The first batch was made in a small white barn in Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1895. Founders of Eliza’s Quest Foods brought Postum back to life in 2012 after being discontinued in 2007. 

It's more than just a drink!

Postum can be used in a multitude of ways. Try it in a frappe, a latte, a shake, and even in cake! Follow the link in the title for delicious recipes.