• 100% Natural

  • Non-GMO Certified

  • Kosher Certified

  • Vegan Certified

  • Made in the USA

  • Women-Owned

Delicious Simplicity in Every Drop

Elevate your well-being with Postum's finest ingredients, crafting greatness in every sip.

  • Wheat

    Contains prebiotic fiber and is the most abundant source of probiotics in the Western diet

  • Molasses

    Naturally rich in antioxidants, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B6

  • Postum latte is my go-to drink any time of the day. It has completely replaced my morning coffee. I can even splurge with Postum in the evenings because there is no caffeine. It warms my heart.

    - Suze

  • I have loved Postum all of my life. It is a beverage that is part of my day because it is very enriching and good for my gut and my heart. I like it hot or cold depending on the weather. Postum, There is a Reason.

    - Mark

  • I love Postum. There is no other coffee substitute that compares to the rich and full-bodied flavor. I can't image my life without it. It sustains me throughout the day.

    - Geri

  • Postum is part of my daily ritual.  I love frothing it up with milk and a little sweetener. A drink like this is the best thing for me.  I do not miss the caffeine from coffee.  Postum calms me and keeps me focused.

    - Andrew

  • 100% NATURAL

    Pure goodness in every comforting sip, no additives.


    A cruelty-free delight, inviting all to savor its warmth.


    Crafted with care, free from genetically modified ingredients.


    From our heart to your cup, a domestic delight.


    Sip with confidence, our brew meets the highest standards.


    Empowering sips, supporting dreams, one brew at a time.