A Journey with Postum:
Nurturing Health, One Sip at a Time

Welcome to Postum, a blend born from a personal quest for wellness. In 1895 the Postum Cereal Company began offering Postum to the public as a healthy alternative to coffee. June Rust's journey led her to release Postum again to consumers so they can enjoy this delicious healthful beverage. Postum is caffeine-free and crafted with whole grains. Today, Eliza's Quest Foods, a thriving women-owned business, continues this legacy.

Postum's journey centers on sourcing excellence and sustainability. We select the finest ingredients – wheat, wheat bran, and molasses – ensuring quality and sustainability. Even the spent grains nurture local soil.

Community engagement is key; we support education through an athletic scholarship. Our vision is simple: offer a nutritious, comforting choice. Make Postum your morning ritual and evening calm, enriching your day one sip at a time.

I’m Glad You’re Here.

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Step into the captivating tale of Postum's journey through time, where tradition and innovation intertwine to create a beverage beloved by generations. Embark on your own chapter by browsing our shop, where the legacy lives on in every package of Postum, waiting to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.