I have been drinking a cup of Postum every night, and realized that I no longer have had to take any antacids like I used to, and don’t wake up with burning acid problems anymore. Wonder if anyone else has had this same experience.

It is also v
ery comforting to have at night, the malt-like taste, no caffeine, like having a cup of hot cereal or something. Satisfying, yet doesn’t get my stomach producing acid, like if I ate food, or drank tea or coffee before going to sleep, which I can’t do, or I will be up all night with acid reflux problems.

Thanks for bringing this back. I know you were put through a lot of complaints while working out the formula, and even the last may not be ‘exactly’ like it was, but it sure is very close and there sure isn’t anything else on the market that is as close as this. More importantly, it is delicious, and just like the original, does not aggravate my acid reflux problem, so I can drink it before going to sleep without any problem and without having to take any ant-acid at all. And to all those that might complain about it not being perfectly 100% the same yet, I ask, if these good people didn’t try as hard as they do and put this out again, then we would have NOTHING! So thank these people for taking the expense, risk and gamble to get Postum back!

I really really appreciate the effort you guys have put in, even to change the product a few times, to get it as close as you did to the original. I am so glad you people did all the work you did to bring this back. THANK YOU!

from Jon Fox via Facebook