In the 1950s we rented Mrs. Blackburn’s 140 acre farm 6 miles south of Roberts, Idaho. In the summer we raised hay, grain, and those famous Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes. Come winter my dad would drive his white 1952 GMC pick-up into Roberts each day to work in the potato warehouse. But before and after work he would milk our six Guernsey cows, and take the 10 gallon cans full of milk to the road for pick up by the Challenge milk truck. I was about 10 years old when I started checking his big black Thermos Victory lunch box when he got home, to see if there were any leftovers. Sometimes he wouldn’t drink all of his Postum from the Thermos bottle in the top of his lunch box, which mom made with that thick, fresh Guernsey cream. I was the happiest boy in Idaho when there was leftover Postum. It was a treat. There was something amazingly tasty and aromatic about that Postum that had steeped all day in the spud warehouse.