I am 69 years old now. As s child growing up in a small town in central Illinois, I wish I could tell you how many times I have told told friends about ‘My Grandma’s Postum’. My grandma, Mrs. Mary Amanda Deibert, came to our home every afternoon until later evening every day when I was in grade school thru high school. She would baked the most delicious pies, bread & rolls with homemade strawberry jam. After dinner, she always had her cup of Postum with something sweet. She always wanted me to try Postum and sadly, I never did. In fact, I did not know Postum was still being sold until I saw this. I WILL now go to the store, buy a jar of Postum, and toast the memory of one precious and loved grandma! Thank you, Postum, for allowing me to share this great memory of a special lady.