I grew up with Postum being a staple in our house. My family always had it stocked. We’d drink it in the morning and often make up a cup on rainy afternoons. When it disappeared and we found that it was no longer being made – I was devastated… It took a while before I found that life would still go on (lol) even with out my Postum. Anyways… years later I found myself here – and could not believe that Postum was back! I immediately got some and was ecstatic to find that it tastes just like I remember it! My family had a gathering this weekend, and without saying anything about it, I made myself a mug of Postum and then walked around the house telling them each to “smell this”. Everyone of course knew exactly what it was and were all as excited and surprised as I was. Thank you for bringing this back! It not only is a delicious beverage – but for my family has a sentimental value that we share. Like a penny that takes us back to fond memories… Thank you!